Hannover County Winner show 🇩🇪 | July 2019

Photos by Katja Werlein

Ina’s Fashion Deluxe goes Best Of Breed with VDH,CAC, County Winner-19 (Landessieger) and Specialty BEST IN SHOW⭐️!!!! (193 Entries)
Ina’s Fashion Extraordinaire Puppy Best Of Breed and puppy 💫 Res.Best In Show !

Judge: Sighthound specialist and former president of the German Sighthound Association Wilfriede Schwerm-Hahne who in May awarded littersister “Aya” BOB and BIG at Dortmund International!

Windsor Championship Show 2019 | UK

Windsor 2019 Hound Group
Photos by Grzegorz Gebik and Lisa Samson.

SBIS Ina’s Fashion Desirable , winning her 3rd and crowning  CC for her UK Championship (to be confirmed by the KC) and Best Of Breed under Judge Claire Millward at the prestigious Windsor Championship show at the age of 21 months old! She was later on shortlisted in a beautiful and very competitive Hound group! Thank you to everyone for the great support and the big “fan club” for cheering for Aya.