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Show Training with Ina’s Fashion

 Ina was introduced to Greyhounds when she was about 10 year old by her father who was a breeder and owner of hunting dogs in Cyprus. Her work and lifestyle in the fashion world around Europe did not allow her though to own one of her own but used to travel seeing greyhounds at big events like CRUFTS and World dog shows.

During the years she had great mentors and only in 2007 started being active in the dog world while living in Greece. After owning a couple of greyhounds and being quite successful in the show rings she moved to Sweden and a year later to Germany where she started a breeding program under the prefix “Ina’s Fashion”. She has produced several top winning greyhounds in many countries and succeeded impressive results including Westminster, World Dog Show, Crufts, EDS with the latest making history as the first Greyhound ever to win Best in Show at the 2022 FCI European Winner in Paris and the 4th in history of CRUFTS to win what we know today as a Hound Group. 

She is the breeder, owner and handler of German Dog of the year(all breeds) 2022 and  the first overseas greyhound breeder to be awarded Top Breeder in UK which is the country of origin of the breed, actually for four years in a row Top Greyhound 2020, 2021 & 2022 and Top Brood Bitch 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022.

Ina is a very passionated, owner, breeder, exhibitor and handler who is making a childhood dream coming true. 

In 2014 she made a decision to stay in Germany after meeting her partner, Olaf Knauber who shared the same passion and ideas but had a long experience in the breed himself. 

In 2018 “Handling Show Dogs with Ina’s Fashion” started after a huge demand of Sighthound exhibitors and friends which soon developed to be a training for all breeds.

 Since then Ina has been invited and traveled in many countries to share her point of view in showing dogs from a breeders, owner and handler perspective but due to an active show carrier with her own dogs all around Europe, Scandinavia and the UK most training workshops take place whenever her schedule permits. 


It’s all about connection and team work!

From a breeder/owner/handler point of view, I can provide team show training as well as private show training.

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Ina Koulermou
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