FCI Euro Sighthound 2014 Sighthound Club Winner and Greyhound Specialty Sweden


Swedish Sighthound club winner Show (35 greyhounds)
Judge: Marion Finney /IR
Ina’s Fashion Authentic  Ex1 , CK , Best Female 4 and BOB Intermediate.
Epic Known Ex1 in Open class , CK , Best Female 3 and RCAC


FCI Euro Sighthound Show (34 greyhounds)
Judge:Vittorio Passerino/IT
Ina’s Fashion Beloved Very Promising2
Ina’s Fashion Aristocrat  Ex2 
Ina’s Fashion Authentic Ex1, CK , Best Female 4 and BOB Intermediate. 
Epic Known Ex1 in Open class, CK, Best Female 2 , Res Euro Sighthound Winner 2014 , CAC and Swedish Champion!!!

Swedish Greyhound Club show (35 greyhounds)
Judge: Janet Wood/UK 
Ina’s Fashion Beloved , Very Promising 1 and BIS Baby.
Ina’s Fashion Authentic , Ex 1
and BIS Intermediate 
Epic Known Ex2 in Champion Class, CK
and Best Female 2.

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