Health checks – 06.07.2017

Health is a matter that should concern all of us, the breeders.After a long trip to Luxemburg University we completed another health check.This time with our youngsters, Ina’s Fashion Bright , Ina’s Fashion Chic and Sobers Amadeus Karkati.
All three are certified, Heart tested Clear by Dr. Ralph Wendt( Founding member and Vice President of Collegium Cardiologicum)
Meanwhile Lavinia , Chloé and Danny were the very well behaved ‘guinea pigs’ of Dr Susanne Thamke and her team for abdominal ultrasounds (Urinary, Reproductive and Digestive System)
Its good to know and to be confirmed at the end of a long day by highly respected vet specialists that all your dogs are healthy and sound as you want them to be!

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