Happy New Year ๐ŸŽŠ

2018 comes to an end and what a year has been.No need to repeat so many nice moments and prestigious wins or titles but I would like to mention some of our Top Winning greyhounds worldwide for 2018!

Canadaโ€™s Top Greyhound #1 Inaโ€™s Fashion Bold
Netherlands Top Greyhound Female #1 Inaโ€™s Fashion Desirable with only 2 trips.
UKs Top Greyhound Female #3 Inaโ€™s Fashion Desirable with attending only two shows.
Germanyโ€™s Top Greyhound Female #2 Inaโ€™s Fashion Chic
Denmarkโ€™s Top Greyhound #3 Inaโ€™s Fashion Deluxe with only one trip
Greece Top Greyhound #1 Inaโ€™s Fashion Dream
Cyprus Top Greyhound #1 Inaโ€™s Fashion Continental
UKs Top Greyhound Puppy #1 Inaโ€™s Fashion Dedicated to Boughton.

Many of our dogs have not been shown in 2018 but a new year is coming ahead and a new show season to look forward to!
Thank you to all judges for appreciating so highly our dogs.

A huge applause goes to all my lovely Inaโ€™s Fashion puppy owners who make this journey so enjoyable! Thank you all for the love and care you give to your&my babies ๐Ÿ’

Pictured here is the OUR DOGS Annual/UK 2019 advertisement of our โ€œAyaโ€ who started her show carrier quite successfully!

With this we wish everyone Happy New Year!
Ina, Olaf and the Inaโ€™s Fashion Family.

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