Windsor Championship Show 2019 | UK

Windsor 2019 Hound Group
Photos by Grzegorz Gebik and Lisa Samson.

SBIS Ina’s Fashion Desirable , winning her 3rd and crowning  CC for her UK Championship (to be confirmed by the KC) and Best Of Breed under Judge Claire Millward at the prestigious Windsor Championship show at the age of 21 months old! She was later on shortlisted in a beautiful and very competitive Hound group! Thank you to everyone for the great support and the big “fan club” for cheering for Aya.

What a prestigious way and show to get  “Ayas” Crowning CC with yet another Best Of Breed under a Sighthound breeder-judge, Claire Millward

Driffield Championship 2018
CC and Best Of Breed under Sandra Marshall 🇬🇧
-Midland Countries Championship 2018
CC and Best Of Breed under Roger Stock 🇬🇧
-Windsor Championship 2019
CC and Best Of Breed under Claire Millward 🇬🇧

Windsor 2019 – judges Critique
1) Koulermou – Inas Fashion Desirable– black brindle female, built on beautiful lines, so pleasing to the eye, I have admired her from the ringside and it was a pleasure to go over her, still young yet very mature and assured for her age with still so much more to come. Pretty head an expression, nice rose ears, strong long neck into well laid clean shoulders, great return of upper arm, good top and under line, deep capacious chest, good spring of ribs, strong powerful loin, balanced angles front and rear, neat feet, so sound and eye catching on the move covering the ground effortlessly, she screams ‘greyhound’ at you. I was happy to award her the CC and Best of Breed, her 3rd I understand, a very worthy champion. She looked outstanding in the group I was proud to have sent her through“

Best of Breed and 3rd CC at Windsor Championship show 2019

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