Our Dogs Annual 2021

Our spread advertisement as published in Our Dogs Annual 2021 designed by Anna Szabó.

2020! A year we will surely never forget!
Without a doubt has been a challenging year for humanity. For us personally has been a bittersweet year starting so well but followed with moments of big sadness and mourning.
Being as always optimistic and trying to keep the best of the year, our greyhounds had a short but still fabulous show season before they get to enjoy a show-free well deserved break with extra cuddles and uncountable walks in the woods and fields!
With these extremely limited outings we were still very happy to read that Ina’s Fashion is for the second year in a row The UK’s Top Greyhound Breeder and Ina’s Fashion Bright not only Top Greyhound Brood bitch 2019 & 2020 but sharing the top of the list as Top Hound Brood bitch 2020 (Our Dogs System). Quite amazing results for a year like 2020 but we actually enjoy this long break both us humans and the dogs! 🐾
We hope that 2021 will be a better year for everyone, a healthy one, safe and a happy one.
Looking forward to a better future where we can continue enjoying our passion in cynology and meeting our friends again 💕