Health checks – 06.07.2017

Health is a matter that should concern all of us, the breeders.After a long trip to Luxemburg University we completed another health check.This time with our youngsters, Ina’s Fashion Bright , Ina’s Fashion Chic and Sobers Amadeus Karkati.
All three are certified, Heart tested Clear by Dr. Ralph Wendt( Founding member and Vice President of Collegium Cardiologicum)
Meanwhile Lavinia , Chloé and Danny were the very well behaved ‘guinea pigs’ of Dr Susanne Thamke and her team for abdominal ultrasounds (Urinary, Reproductive and Digestive System)
Its good to know and to be confirmed at the end of a long day by highly respected vet specialists that all your dogs are healthy and sound as you want them to be!

German Greyhound Annual Show 2017

(21 Greyhounds)
Ina’s Fashion Chic Ex1 in open class, VDH, CAC, New German Champion (VDH & DWZRV) Best Female , Annual Winner 2017 , Best of Breed and Best In Show #3 in an entry of 204 Sighthounds.
Ina’s Fashion Bright Ex1 in Champion class, VDH
Ina’s Fashion Blessed Ex2 in Champion Class, RVDH

Breed Judge: Mrs Marion A Finney/IE
BIS Judge: Mr Timothy Finney/IE
Photo by Barbara Meller

CRUFTS, UK – 09.03.2017

(79 Greyhounds entered)
Ina’s Fashion Chic was 3rd in Limit Class (10 entered)
Ina’s Fashion Bright was 3rd in Open class (15 entered)
Ina’s Fashion Blissfully Boughton VHC in Dogs Limit class

Judge: Breed Specialist Gilberto Grandi (Della Caveja Greyhounds/Italy)

Greyhound Club Top List Finland 2015

Ina’s Fashion Beloved, Best Greyhound Young Male 2015 (under 2 years old)

Ina’s Fashion Charming, Best Greyhound Puppy 2015 keeping the tradition in the house with his “brothers” Best Puppy 2013, Ina’s Fashion Aristocrat and Best Puppy 2014, Ina’s Fashion Beloved.

All boys owned and loved by Pirkko-Liisa and Timo Marttinen. Huge congratulations!

Top Greyhound Breeder Ireland 2015

We are very happy and proud to be informed that “INA’S FASHION” Greyhounds are listed Top Greyhound Breeder of the Year 2015 in Ireland according to the Irish Kennel Club point system.

Thank you very much to Cathriona Walsh and the “Cufodhla” family for the outstanding success at Irish ground with Ina’s Fashion Avant Garde, Ina’s Fashion Breathtaking and Ina’s Fashion Confident Cufodhla.

Brussels Winner Show Belgium – 20.12.2015

Ina’s Fashion Blessed, Ex1, CAC, CACIB, Best Male, Crufts Qualification 2016, Belgium Winner 2015, Belenlux Winner 2015, Best of Breed and shortlisted for Best in Group

Ina’s Fashion Captivating, Ex1 in Junior Class, JCAC, Junior Crufts Qualification 2016, JBOS, Benelux Junior Winner 2015, Best Female and Best Opposite

Judge: Mr. R. Kotlar (HU)

(13 Greyhounds entered)